Types of houses you should know before buying a house in nigeria

Kinds of Houses In Nigeria You Should Know Before Buying


There are many options available for houses these days. You can choose from a variety of different types of houses, depending on your needs and preferences. Some people like to live in the suburbs while others prefer living closer to the city centre. Both types have their own unique set of pros and cons that must be considered before deciding which one would be best for you. In this article, we will discuss some of these different kinds of houses so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing one!


An apartment is a self-contained housing unit, usually on one floor of a building. The apartment is usually rented furnished and often contains all the equipment necessary for cooking and cleaning. A large city will have many apartments in buildings with other apartments.

An apartment may be owned by the occupant or rented from a landlord, who collects rent so that they can pay taxes on their property.

A completely self-contained housing unit, usually on one floor of a building. Usually in a large city and very often rented furnished. Often, within the same building, some apartments are owned by their occupants (the co-op model) ,and others are held by the landlord.


You will find that the term condominium covers a wide range of ownership arrangements, from a single unit to an entire complex. A condominium is an individual unit in a multi-unit building or complex in which the air space is owned by one person and common elements such as hallways, heating system and elevators are shared among all owners. Condominiums can also include limited common areas such as exterior grounds. Because they share these things, owners of condominium units enjoy lower maintenance costs than renters living in other types of housing because they do not have to pay for upkeep on those items themselves.

Common Areas of Ownership:

The owner of any other type of home has complete control over how their property looks and feels; however, this isn’t always true when buying a condominium unit because many times there are restrictions placed on how you decorate your house and what kinds of plants you can keep inside (or out). Some complexes will even require approval before making changes to anything inside or outside your home!

An individual unit in a building or complex in which the air space is owned and common elements such as hallways, heating system, elevators and exterior grounds are owned jointly with the other unit owners. The owner of a condominium may use it as a residence or rent it to others under a lease.

A condominium is a type of real estate that is individually owned. Each unit has its own kitchen and bathroom, but there are common areas that are shared by all residents. These include hallways, heating systems, elevators, and exterior grounds (such as lawns). Condominiums can be found in complexes with dozens or even hundreds of units.

Ownership is divided between two people: one who owns the land (the “developer”) and one who owns the condominium itself (the “unit owner”). The developer often maintains ownership of the common elements until all units have been sold; after that time they become joint property between all unit owners.


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Two-family homes, or duplexes, are what you get when you combine a single-family home with another house that’s attached to it. They’re typically found in urban areas and can be found in suburban areas as well. Duplexes can also have one story or two stories and often feature basements below the main living area.

Two units, either side by side (side by side duplex) or one above the other (back to back duplex). Each unit has its own entrance, kitchen and bathroom facilities. Ownership is normally divided between two people who may live in either half of the building that they own..

Semi-Detached Duplex

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If you’re considering buying a semi-detached duplex, there are a few things to consider. First, the cost of a semi-detached duplex is typically higher than other types of houses. Also, in many areas, it can be difficult to find land for sale that includes enough space to build two separate units at once.

Semi-detached duplexes are also similar to townhouses and row homes because they share walls and/or floors with one another. However, unlike these other types of housing options (which are often confused with each other),

semi-detached duplexes have more than one unit on each floor level and do not share any common walls or floors with their neighbors’ units(s).

Fully Detached Duplex

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If you like the idea of owning a home but want to avoid the responsibility of maintaining it, consider purchasing a duplex. While you’ll still have to pay for utilities, this option allows you to live in one unit while renting out the other. This can help you make your mortgage payments if both units aren’t currently occupied by tenants (or even if they are). It also gives you more freedom when remodeling because each side has its own individual entrance and kitchen/bathroom.

Terraced Apartment/Townhouse/row house

Terrace apartments elitewise Homes ltd
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A terraced apartment is a style of living in which the units have their own kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms but share some common areas. The word “terrace” comes from the French term for “flat plot of land”, or “to spread.” You can think of terraced houses as multiple single-family homes built on top of each other, with shared spaces between them.

Terraced houses are so popular because they offer more privacy than row houses while still being convenient to walkable neighborhoods and public transit hubs. This type offers an ideal compromise between home ownership and living in an apartment building – you’re not stuck paying high rent while also having access to nearby services like grocery stores or parks!

Townhouses, row houses, and terrace homes are all single-family residences. They are similar to detached houses in that they have walls on at least two sides and have definite front and back yards. Townhouses, row houses, and terraces also have private entrances from a walkway or stairwell overlooking the street. However, unlike detached houses, townhouses do not have common interior hallways or entrances shared with other structures.

Townhouse- Image Source: Fit Agency

A row of houses joined by a common wall(s) but not attached to other structures. Generally an urban property type with more than one story (typically 2 stories). Unlike an apartment building, townhouses do not have common interior hallways or entrances. Townhouses usually have small front and backyards. An owner usually owns the whole property from the roof down to the ground beneath the property (including any underground parking stalls).

Townhouse properties are similar to standard single-family homes but are two stories tall and have an attached garage or carport instead of a driveway. They share some characteristics with apartments as well since they typically contain multiple units, but each unit has its own kitchenette, bathroom and bedroom space within each unit rather than sharing these spaces with other individuals in an apartment complex (although some may be shared in townhouse communities).


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A bungalow is a small house that is usually designed to be cheap and easy to construct. The name comes from the Malay language, which means “house on stilts.” They are often built on stilts to prevent flooding, and they are often built without walls. Bungalows can be made of wood or concrete, but they are generally simple in design and construction.

The main feature of a bungalow is its open floor plan. The floorplan will be open and uncluttered, allowing for quick access between rooms. It will also have large windows that allow light into the home and make it feel bright and spacious.

Just like duplexes, bungalows can also come in the form of fully detached or semi-detached bungalows.

The average price of a bungalow in Lagos Nigeria is about N20,000 to N200,000 per square foot (depending on location), which is much cheaper than other housing options available in Lagos Nigeria such as apartments or condos.


A townhouse, also known as row house or terraced house, is a type of residential dwelling, often a form of terraced housing. A townhouse has a facade that faces a street and is part of a line of similar townhouses that share side walls, but not always garages or basements. Townhomes are often built as part of large residential developments that offer many amenities and shared spaces such as lawns, pools, and tennis courts within the complex; however, they can also be built individually as free-standing homes

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